New Breed Fellowship Church

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November 2, 2022

“Your Part, God’s Part”


I am reminded of a situation in the bible where God made a call to a fellow named Abram which is found in Genesis chapter 12. Here it was Abram’s ASSIGNMENT to Go …. to the land that GOD will show you. Sound familiar with situations in your life in 2022?

This radical move to leave everything behind in that ancient time wasn’t a norm, and it seems even today our obedience to the voice of God challenges us to move to ACTION.

But then & now God is asking us to TRUST HIM (Your Part) and he will do HIS PART.

We are told to be a great nation (PROVISION) translates then He will bless you amongst men (REPUTATION) and yes you will make some MISTAKES along the way (Your Part), but know walking by faith and not mere sight (2 Corinthians 5:7) is true & sets you FREE.

Absolutely trusting God to do his part begins on our behalf by doing the obedience part first.

Share this with 10 people TODAY and trust God for his increase part.

Bishop Autie Hines, Pastor

New Breed Fellowship Church